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Fishing Fun for the Whole Family!  Top
      When's the last time your family went fishing? Well then, why not go today? It's easy, fun and quick at Rainbow Trout Farm! Watch the excitement on your kids' faces when they land their first fish. Rekindle your own memories when you feel that plump, juicy Rainbow tugging on your hook! Make it a mini-holiday on Rainbow Trout Farm's 30 acres of trees, meadows, 2,000 rhododendrons and ten beautifully landscaped fishing holes brimming with Rainbow Trout!

Just a Quick Trip Away!  Top
     Located just seven miles east of Sandy, Oregon, Rainbow Trout Farm offers fun, convenient fishing opportunities for the whole family, and serves a growing clientele from around the world. The Farm is a popular fishing spot for travelers from Asia to Europe, and receives many regular visitors not only from Oregon and Washington but California as well.

     Many out-of-state guests put their fresh trout on ice for the trip home, and people all over the west coast and Hawaii have enjoyed fresh Oregon Rainbow Trout - courtesy of Rainbow Trout Farm.

We Provide Poles & Tackle!  Top
     Some of our guests bring the nicest fishing gear we've ever seen. But many familes miss out on the fun of fishing because they don't have any equipment and figure it's not worth buying just for an occasional fishing trip. That's never a problem at Rainbow Trout Farm! We've got all the gear you need, and we'll even provide you with bait. And don't worry if you've never fished a day in your life. We'll be happy to help you get started. You see, at Rainbow Trout Farm we've got everything BUT excuses!

We'll Clean 'Em for You!  Top
     For some folks cleaning their catch is part of the fun and they wouldn't miss it for the world. For others, cleaning fish is for the birds. Whatever you prefer, we've got you covered! We provide all the facilities you need to clean your catch, or we'll be glad to do it for you - at no charge.

     It's all part of making your fishing day perfect at Rainbow Trout Farm!

A Great School Field Trip!  Top
     Teachers, how would you like to give your students the best field trip of the year - maybe even one they'll remember for the rest of their lives? Now you can at Rainbow Trout Farm! Kids LOVE to catch fish, but in today's urban society many never get the chance. You can give your kids the opportunity to go fishing - and we guarantee they'll catch a keeper and have a great time doing it.

     From pre-school on up student groups from all over Oregon and Washington have a blast at Rainbow Trout Farms. We have tackle and bait, and instructors so your young anglers will be fishing like pros in no time!

     Don't your kids deserve a field trip they'll never forget? Call Rainbow Trout Farm today!

Handicapped Accessible
     Wonderful Fun for Care-Home Residents!  Top
     Kids aren't the only ones who love fishing! While for many seniors, past fishing trips provide some of the best memories of their lives, they can also be a cause for sadness. Failing health can rob seniors of their favorite pastime, but that doesn't have to be the case.

     Many Oregon and Washington Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities treat their residents to regular field trips to Rainbow Trout Farm. Wheelchair accessibility, broad, convenient pathways, plenty of rest rooms and ample places to sit for a spell make Rainbow Trout Farm perfect for seniors. And we realize that not all seniors' needs are the same, so while we can accommodate people using wheelchairs and walkers, our 30 beautiful mountain acres also offer plenty of opportunities for robust seniors who want an invigorating challenge.

     One of our favorite memories at Rainbow Trout Farm is the time we helped an 80-year-old lady catch her very first fish! Fishing is one of the greatest joys in life - and at Rainbow Trout Farm we don't believe age should ever stop a senior from enjoying life to the fullest.

Have a Company Fishing Party!  Top
     Are you getting ready to treat your employees to another ho-hum anniversary dinner? You'll drop a wad and let's face it: They'll show up for the free food - not the speeches about teamwork and company vision. This year, why not show your employees you really care about them? How about treating them to something they'll really appreciate: A GOOD TIME!

     A Company Fishing Party at Rainbow Trout Farm is a great way to get your employees and their families together for a fun and inexpensive good time all will enjoy! It's also a fantastic way to hold a one-day employee retreat WITHOUT spending a fortune..

     Whether for a small team of associates or the whole company and their families, we've got all you need for a great day of fishin' fun at Rainbow Trout Farm. Just think about it: Your employees will love you, and your whole day of fishing is tax deductible. It just doesn't get any better than this!

A Great Activity for Church Youth Groups!  Top
     The big challenge with kids is finding something they'll all enjoy doing - a wholesome activity which will keep them too busy having fun to get bored. A fishing trip to Rainbow Trout Farm is the perfect activity for Church Youth Groups. There are 30 acres of trees and meadows and ten ponds full of fish.

     Your kids can catch their lunch then have a fresh-fish barbecue and picnic. And if you'd like to spend some quiet time together afterward, there's plenty of room outdoors. Fishing at Rainbow Trout Farm provides plenty of safe and fun family entertainment. Your Church Youth Group is ALWAYS welcome here!

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Please, for the safety and convenience of all our guests, no pets are allowed at Rainbow Trout Farm. Thank you.


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