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The Ol' Fishin' Hole
     Remember those lazy days of youth? A warm, slow summer afternoon spent in self reflection down by the creek; a soft, cool breeze blowing gently across your cheek while Monarch butterflies flutter from flower to flower and the most pressing problem you faced was whether a worm or a grasshopper was the surest way to catch that really big one… What happened to those days? You probably loved to go fishing with your dad, watching intently as he cast his line, his lure landing with a reassuring "ploonk" right under the outstretched arms of the big willow, just where he said that granddaddy trout was sure to be hiding.

      For many of us, those days spent fishing are among the best memories of our lives. But sadly, they're often just that: Memories. And how about your kids… are you building those same memories with them, the ones your dad gave to you so long ago? Or are theirs memories of video games and VCRs?

      With the hustle and bustle of today's high pressure lifestyle, with school and jobs and who knows what else eating away at you, it may seem like there's no way you can capture those old feelings again… no way to pass them on to your kids. Besides, you don't even own a pole anymore, and even if you did know where to go fishing, it seems like every other day there's another article about poisons and chemicals in our Northwest rivers.

      But what if there was a way to go back, even if just for one afternoon - a way for you to relive some of the best days of your life - and a way to share those memories with your kids...

      Well, there is. At Rainbow Trout Farm, we've made it plum easy to just drop those cares and pressures, grab the kids and head to the ol' fishin' hole. No poles? No problem. We've got plenty to spare.

      Nope. There are no worries here - no bosses yelling, no phones jangling or TVs blaring - just tall trees, green meadows, fresh mountain air and plenty of Rainbow Trout swimming in pure, crystal clear ponds. And we'll even clean the fish for you, unless you want to show the kids the special way dad always did it.

      So how 'bout it? Tell me honestly, now that there are no more excuses, what are you really doing today that's more important than simply taking your kids fishing? That's what I thought.

      Head down to the ol' fishin' hole at Rainbow Trout Farm. And while you're sitting there with your line in the water, waiting for that big Rainbow to set into your hook, listen very, very carefully… Look deep into the shadows on the far shore and maybe, for just a moment, you'll catch a glimpse of dad, expertly landing that lure right under the outstretched arms of the big willow, just where he said that granddaddy trout was sure to be hiding…


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